Malvina Hansson


Malvina is a woman with a tangible strength; she knows her worth. In a perfect combination, she’s also kind, warm, and present. No detail passes as she wholeheartedly engages with her surroundings and forms genuine connections.

Angelica Svanström

Photographer I Content creator I Model

Angelica. With a big heart brimming with generosity and authenticity, she brings a sense of warmth and connection to every interaction. We are so proud to have her as a part of our collective.

Sanna Dahlén

Photographer I Graphic designer

Sanna is a kind-hearted and humble creative soul, embodying the true spirit of an artist and the values Mellow believes in. Her warmth and compassion shine through in both her personal and professional life, making her a joy to work with. As a dedicated and hardworking individual, Sanna values relationships and places great importance on fostering strong connections with those around her.

Daniela Ferro


Daniela is a graceful person who exudes a calm and kind presence wherever she goes. Her energy is contagious, leaving a lasting impact on everyone in the room. Her genuine nature, down-to-earth personality, commitment to excellence, and strong work ethic make her a true dream to work with.

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