Anna Mörner

Illustrator I Artist

Anna is a talented illustrator and artist who artfully represents the heart and soul of Mellow Collective. With a warm and sophisticated style, Anna’s illustrations radiate a humble charm. Her drive and limitless creativity consistently push the boundaries of her craft; with that, she inspires others with her passion and commitment.

Kajsa Hagelin


Kajsa is an artist with a creative spirit and a kind heart. Her talent lies within layers of hard work, dedication & passion for expression. Working with her is a delight for the people around her; she always acknowledges and ensures everyone feels heard and comfortable.



Frida Clerhage


Frida is a radiant and confident soul who fully recognizes her value and artistic prowess. Her warm and humble nature and her genuine kindness make her a joy to be around. Building meaningful relationships is a top priority for Frida, and it shows in her interactions.

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