Michelle Lundin

Social media strategist I Content creator I Stylist

Michelle is one of a kind; with her humble yet driven personality, she leaves a lasting impression on her surroundings. With equal part passion and obsession for the social media landscape, she’s always the first to know about upcoming trends, products, and changes within our industry.

Angelica Svanström

Photographer I Content creator I Model

Angelica. With a big heart brimming with generosity and authenticity, she brings a sense of warmth and connection to every interaction. We are so proud to have her as a part of our collective.

Hannes Mauritzson

Influencer I Content creator

Meet Hannes, an authentic creator whose warm personality and and beautiful home inspire many of us daily. Being kind, humble and transparent, Hannes perfectly aligns with the core of Mellow’s values. He consistently ensures that his followers feel seen, valued, and inspired thanks to the strong relationship they’ve built together.

Kristin Lagerqvist

Influencer I Content creator

Kristin is the embodiment of kindness, groundedness, and generosity. She consistently works towards improving herself and her businesses, with her remarkable talents covering various areas.

Emma Fischer

Interior stylist I Content creator

Emma is a warmhearted and hardworking creator with a distinctive touch for furnishings & trends. Her great reliability, professionalism, and inspiring dedication to her craft make her the obvious choice for her recurring clients.

Maja & Atta Ring

Interior stylist I Content creator I Influencer I Models

These two sisters bring contagious energy and enthusiasm into every situation they are in. Being humble, prestigeless, and having a high level of expertise, they effortlessly adapt to every new customer and trend. By breathing and living in the interior universe, they surprise and inspire us with every new project they undertake.

Vanessa Kamga

Model I Content creator I Influencer

Vanessa is a champion and hero who’s not only a great role model for young girls; her self-esteem, kindness, humbleness, and fierce determination inspire everyone around her daily.

Anna Westlund

Anna is often described as a force of nature, and is a talented creative director with an unmatched competence in the industry. Her dedication to her work is unwavering, and she possesses a distinctive touch for movements within trends and a deep understanding of the fashion and interior business that always keeps her at the forefront of the commercial landscape.

My Larsson

Set designer I Stylist I Content creator

My is a true artist and a creative soul. She’s kind, outgoing, and full of energy. For her, the digital world is as obvious as the real world. She’s always curious and quick to adapt to new trends and ways of thinking but always sticks to her values.

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