Angelica Svanström

Photographer I Content creator I Model

Angelica. With a big heart brimming with generosity and authenticity, she brings a sense of warmth and connection to every interaction. We are so proud to have her as a part of our collective.

Maja & Atta Ring

Interior stylist I Content creator I Influencer I Models

These two sisters bring contagious energy and enthusiasm into every situation they are in. Being humble, prestigeless, and having a high level of expertise, they effortlessly adapt to every new customer and trend. By breathing and living in the interior universe, they surprise and inspire us with every new project they undertake.

Vanessa Kamga

Model I Content creator I Influencer

Vanessa is a champion and hero who’s not only a great role model for young girls; her self-esteem, kindness, humbleness, and fierce determination inspire everyone around her daily.

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